Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Stuff is picking up again. A month ago I got back from a festival in the Spanish sun. I hung out with my old band dudes and left feeling happy, inspired, exhausted and ready to start writing again. Things with the other rock project are progressing slowly but surely. We still remain nameless.

As for Rivers... My good friend Sam has given me his first drum kit, of which I am purchasing random pieces I need from eBay to get the old girl going again. Songs are floating in my head, and I have some shitty new demos I cant wait to record. To celebrate my 26th birthday my girlfriend is taking me to Paris, and when I get back, I'll start recording.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011


The past few months have presented a few fairly serious challenges. So much so that I have had to postpone this project even further. I have been spending time concentrating on my family, and so writing and recording for Rivers has been delayed. I also have accidentally fallen into a new musical project with two close friends, and anytime I would usually spend on the 'Rivers' ideas, has been spent in the studio building a beast. This project is currently nameless, but all will be revealed soon enough, there will be something for you to sink your teeth into. Its cool, and fun, and will enjoy playing it to friends.

As for Rivers, once I have returned from my break, I shall be pressing forward. Until then...

Saturday, 5 March 2011


2011 thus far has consisted of arranging and demoing tracks for this project. Nothing has gone down properly at the moment.

The current plan is to find time to record each song properly. I want each song to be given its own required care and attention rather than rushing the recording process. This way each song becomes a project in itself.

For now, keep moving forward.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


For the past year or two, I have been writing pieces of music and recording them very roughly where I can. Seeing as they are only rough recordings on tape cassettes and the voice recorder my phone, I feel it would not do them justice to upload them now, naked and deformed as they are. To date I have a few hundred musical ideas, varying in style and Im sure, quality. 

With the turn of a new year, and a clean slate, I hope to bring these ideas, and hopefully many more to audible justice. Thus; watch this space, literally. Music coming soon.